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WeFightCC-Cybersecurity Awareness Initiative

WeFightCC-Cybersecurity Awareness Initiative

Youth who are spending significant time on cyber space forms the most vulnerable sections of society who are either been victimized or on the verge of becoming potential delinquent due to improper or misuse of Information Technology. The recent deaths related to blue-whale game are culmination of these types of crimes against mankind through technological misuse. We felt that can be restricted by systematic intervention and well planned awareness program among students and youth. We Fight Cyber Crime is an initiative taken up by Pune police to spread awareness about the Cyber Crime in students & teachers in schools and colleges.

#WeFightCC is the first initiative of its kind in the state of Maharashtra. Various organizations such as C-Dac, Google, Sharda and Career Corner are involved in the large-scale implementation of this program. This initiative aspires to educate more than 1,000 schools and 20,000 students on raising awareness and suggesting methods to deal with the evils of this new menace.


Overview –

  • Initiative by Pune Police
  • It aims at equipping schools, children and parents to deal with the ongoing cybercrime issue.
  • To understand youth’s addiction towards social media.
  • First phase – To train teachers and parents on harms caused due to cybercrimes.
  • Conduct conference to understand the menace of cybercrime and how they can deal with it.
  • Conduct training for teachers to teach those tools and software to deal with cybercrime and also how to do Psycho-behavioural assessment of students.
  • Second phase – To reach out to 20,000 students of Pune on raising awareness.
  • Half-day seminars would be conducted in 100+ schools for the students and teachers to spread awareness about the cybercrime and how they can take precautions to deal with it.