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Career Volunteer Program

    Career Volunteer Program


    Career choices assume a lot of importance to students and most of the times they struggle to make them RIGHT due to lack of information or guidance from experts. For the same reason we have started conducting enLIGHT Career Guidance Seminar series in 2011 and in the last 6 years helped more than 33,000 students across the country. During this time more than 100 professionals across the country contributed to this cause.

    We realized that reaching out to millions of students who need this help would not be possible alone and would require a collaborative approach. We need lakhs of career volunteers who can make difference in their nearby schools and colleges. 

    How the Program Works

    Anyone who like to volunteer for this cause sign up with us. Our team evaluate the applicant’s interest as well as ability to perform a role of a career volunteer. Once deemed fit, he or she undergoes an orientation program and is also equipped with the resources needed to conduct career guidance sessions in nearby schools, colleges.

    What Role Career Volunteer Plays?

    Career Volunteer role begins with conducting info sessions, seminars for students. They can also work as career counsellor and gradually as a mentor to guide students for their career choice.

    Who can be a Career Volunteer?

    Anyone from below areas can serve as Career Volunteer

    1. Students in UG/PG to guide junior students
    2. Industry Professionals
    3. Teachers
    4. Housewives taken career break