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Career WiKi – Career Development Platform

Career WiKi – Career Development Platform


Career Wiki is an online Career Development Platform which provides detailed career information on 200+ careers, career assessment and counselling by experts and online training programs to upgrade your skills.

Services Offered

Career Wiki offers below services to students and professionals

  • In-depth Career Insights on 200+ careers
  • Career Assessment and Counselling by Experts  –  To identify the RIGHT career for students
  • Online Courses – Online Courses to enhance skills and add value to your career

Key Differentiation

Below are some key differentiation of our services

First of Its Kind Platform

Career Wiki is first of its kind platform which offers career insights, assessment, counselling and training under one roof

Practitioners’ Inputs

Our career insights consist of inputs from practitioners working across multiple career areas so that students can make informed career decisions

Expert Counselors & Mentors

We have identified expert counselors and mentor who deliver our programs. Apart from their credentials their passion make them special.