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Career Ambassador Program

Career Ambassador Program


Career Ambassador program is aimed at sharing perspectives of practitioners across different careers with students so that students can make informed career decisions. 

What this Perspectives Consists of? 

Career Perspectives Include

  • Overview of your career/profession
  • Activities you do / day-in-life stories
  • What motivated you to choose this career?
  • What one needs to be successful in this career?
  • Why someone should choose this career?
  • Why someone should not choose this career?

Areas We Are Looking for Career Ambassadors

We have identified 300+ professions across arts, science, commerce, engineering, management and government services.

Why You should support?

  • Spread awareness about your career/profession
  • Opportunity to represent your career/profession
  • Career choices are life choices….your inputs would help students to make informed career decisions

How it Works?

  • After your consent our team will schedule an appointment to record your ‘Career Perspective’
  • We would host it on our platform Careerwiki as well as digital media platform so that it reaches to students and parents
  • We will include you in our career events/talk-shows based on your availability