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Back to School

    Back to School


    Our school plays a very important role in shaping up our educational and career foundation. Most of us attribute our career success to our schools and teachers. Back to School is an initiative to provide a helping hand to schools through the collaborative efforts of their alumni. With the help and collaboration of alumni, we aim to drive various initiatives at the selected schools.

    In India, most of the schools in semi-urban and rural areas are government run and are still run in traditional manner. When it comes to career guidance and creating awareness among their students these schools lack required resources. Additionally students also struggle to get guidance/information from outside sources.

    To overcome this information asymmetry and motivate students to pursue their dream career we have taken up ‘Back to School’ initiative. In this initiative we will link school alumni to support ‘career awareness programs’ in their own schools.

    How the Program Works

    Alumni who like to contribute towards creating career awareness in their school register on our platform. Based on the contribution, we conduct below activities in their schools. The Alumni either choose to fund the initiatives at the schools or volunteer to run them.

    Activities Undertaken in This Program

    1. Career Guidance Session at School
    2. Setting up Career Library at School
    3. Conduct Teacher Training Program
    4. Setting up Career Cell at School
    5. Conducting Workshops on Various Career Areas