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Our Story


Our Vision

Our vision is to become India’s leading career services company offering integrated career services to students and professionals.

Our Mission

To reach 1,00,000 students and parents by 2020 through our programs and help them build their careers.

Our Belief

We strongly believe that every individual is unique and possess immense potential which if unlocked can create miracles .

Who We Are?

We are a team of dedicated individuals who were fortunate to get education from India’s premium engineering and management colleges. We felt indebted to schools we attended and guidance we received from our teachers which made our career journey possible. Career Corner is nothing but our combined effort to give back what we have received!


What Problem We Are Solving?

Career choices assume lots of importance in every individual’s life.  However due to lack of information and guidance students and parents fail to make RIGHT career decisions. Our programs are aimed at helping students to make RIGHT career decisions and build their careers. We call them Unlocking their True Potential!


How We Are Making A Difference?

We are taking various initiatives to reach to students. They range from creating a dedicated career guidance platform (Career Wiki) to India’s biggest career guidance seminar series (enlight). With our non-profit initiatives like ‘Back to School’ and ‘Career Volunteer Program’ we are collaborating with like-minded people to take our services to the last mile.